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Seychelles india day


The friendship that exists between Seychelles and India will be celebrated next month and among the activities are two sports competitions.

The Seychelles-India Day celebrations for the year 2016 will be held from October 14-16, where the celebrations will showcase the Indian culture through the Seychelles-India Day image award, entertainment events by troupes from India, food & fun fair including food stalls, gala lunch etc

The event is being organised by the Indian Association of Seychelles with the support of the government of Seychelles, the Indian high commission and local corporate businesses.As a prelude to this event two badminton and chess tournaments with the active involvement of players from both countries are planned. The tournament has been named (Seychelles-India Friendship Badminton & Chess tournament) and will be conducted in close cooperation with the Seychelles badminton and chess associations.


Aims of the tournament are as follows:-
  • Promote the game of badminton amongst amateurs from all nationalities residing in Seychelles thereby creating a healthy society.
  • Promote India Seychelles friendship and bonhomie through the medium of sports.
  • Act as a prelude to Seychelles India day celebrations and give maximum media coverage and public awareness about the event.


The badminton tournament, which is going on for a fourth year now, will take place from 26th Sep - 1st Oct where the players will compete in six categories. It is open to players of all nationalities.Deadline is September 23.

Registration forms can be collected at the La Promenade Gymnasium where the competition will take place and for more information, interested players are asked to contact Ron Clarisse on telephone number 2514249 or 2514200 or 2501002.

2.Mini Marathon

Seychelles india day


The India-Seychelles Friendship Team Mini marathon Championship in collaboration with the Eco-Friendly Committee will be held at Perseverance on the 8th October, 2016 starting at 4.30 pm. The Run will start inside Perseverance 1 village.

There will be two (2) races:

1. 1Km for Under 10 (born in 2007 or after)

2. 5km for two categories:

a. Under 20

b. 20 and over

Rules for the team:

  • Team will comprise of 4 participants in their respective age group.
  • All participants would run 5 km and will start at the same time. Points will be awarded based on the finisher`s general position and added together.
  • Team with the least points will be first etc.
  • There will be two Categories;under 20 and 20 and over.
  • There will be one drinking water station at around the 2.5km point and one at the finish line.
  • Teams must report at least 30 minutes before start.
  • A Club or Organisation may have as many teams as it wishes.
  • Transport is not allowed to accompany athletes whilst running.
  • Prizes are 1st RS.1500/- , 2nd RS.1000/- 3rd RS.750/- (Team).
  • Winners will also be awarded with a medal.
  • All participants will receive a certificate.
  • The event will start with a 1km race for children under 10 at 4.30pm.
  • The first 5 will receive a gift.
  • Deadline for registration is Wednesday 5th October, 2016.

3.Image Awards

Seychelles india day

Seychelles Image Award - Indian Association of Seychelles is proud to launch its first photography competition titled (Incredible India in Paradise Seychelles) in commemoration of the Fourth edition of Seychelles India Day.

Aims to portray the beauty of India & Seychelles ,in every aspect showcasing people ,culture ,food ,music ,dance etc. Deadline for submission of photographs : 10th October 2016. Winners will get exciting prizes .

To participate in the competition, please download the Registration form HERE and competition guidelines HERE.

Download the official Press HERE.